Privacy Policy

We pride ourselves on the management your data. We use the industry leading expertise to save your info as safe as we probably can. The determination of this policy is to provide you complete alertness of how will handle your private data.

Legal Basis for Assembling Your Data:

We gather certain private data that is essential for us to do the agreement with you. We will treat your data in a suitable and legal way.

What Data We Accumulate?

When you register for Funlimited we bring together the particular information; your name, your gender, your phone number and your email address so that we can deliver you with our services. These are securely handled by our provider. The elective data includes a profile image, your job title, date of birth, the area where you live and the area where you work along with a short bio.

We also record which preferences you select towards the matches such as age group you request to see.

What We Do with Your Data?

We use the data to deliver you the correct match.

What We Do with Your Data?

Unless we accept a removal appeal we will stock your data for certain or all of the purposes.