Community Guidelines

Below is a list of our community rules. You might be excluded from Funlimited, if you violate any of these instructions. Seriously, don’t make us splitting up with you, because there will be no next chances or no confessions once we do.

We inspire you to report any actions that break our guidelines.

Relationship Status:

We welcome all solo adults. You must be single or detached from a partner.

One Individual, One Account:

Please don’t keep multiple Funlimited accounts.

Unlawful Usage:

Don’t use Funlimited to do anything prohibited.


You must be 18 years of age or elder to use Funlimited.


Any user caught sharing their financial account info such as PayPal for the purpose to get money from other users may also be expelled from Funlimited


Sponsoring commercial erotic services is firmly banned and will result in being excluded from Funlimited instantly.


It’s acceptable to request your matches to something that you’re doing, but if the purpose is to promote your content, political movement, business or event; we have the right to erase your account.


Don’t be bogus. Be genuine in its place.

Private Info:

Don’t openly show any private info, whether your or anyone else’s. This includes contact info such as work or home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers; financial info, passwords, passports, security numbers, etc.

Hatred Speech:

Any content that encourages violence or hatred against persons or groups based on issues like political subjects, sex identity, national origin, disability, religion is not allowable.


We do not allow violence on Funlimited such as sponsoring or threatening.


Do not involve, or inspire others to involve, in any targeted mistreatment or harassment against any other user. This includes sending erotic content to your matches. Reports of intimidation, threats, and stalking are taken very seriously.

Erotic Content or Nudity:

No nudity or erotic content.