Major Turn – Offs in the “Talking Phase” of an Online Relationship
July 30, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Major Turn – Offs in the “Talking Phase” of an Online Relationship

The period in a relationship which is the most crucial for any two individuals is the one after the chatting starts and before the face – to – face meeting. It is the phase where a profile raises your interest and the stage of the ultimate, ‘the meeting’. 

There is no special technique attached with the opening phase of an online relationship. A simple ‘hello’ or a ‘hi’ or “how are you” are mostly enough. However, keeping the conversation interesting beyond that point is a big challenge where many individuals falter recklessly. The users of the free dating app in India have had various experiences when it comes to the phases of online dating and those are something which has taught them valuable life lessons too.

Some of the points which have been highlighted to be the buzz – kill in the talking phase can be categorized as below:

“Not talking enough. It is really hard to carry on a conversation as there is no effort from the other end”

“People who do not know how to converse yet desperately cling on to ‘hru’ or ‘wyd’ abbreviations”

“She does not ask anything. Just replies to what I ask. It gets boring”

“I always have to initiate the conversation. He does not say ‘hi’ ever. I guess he is not interested, although we speak at length after”

There are so many more like the above statements. It is an accepted norm in the online dating world that there would be multiple conversations going on in the free dating app for singles in India by all the participants. However, there might be one or two conversations which would pique your interest in the person on the other end. That leads to the next step. 

But as responsible adults, no one is expected to carry on the conversation single - handedly. Whether it is a man or a woman, every one prefers to see an initiation message in the beginning of the morning from the other party. That is how sparks start flying. 

There are some more turn offs which have been shared by the singles on the free dating app for singles in India which include:

“He is too negative, bad mouths his ex all the time”

“He has given up on anything positive in life and is very whiney all the time we speak”

Yes, you can open up about your feelings on the free dating app and chat site in India but being overtly expressive about those, all the time, even during the beginning of the talking phase is not a healthy sign. Staying positive is a big plus and has always reaped its benefits. 

Of course, now, with the coronavirus pandemic at its peak, the talking phase would be extended much longer.  But it is not so that things would never be back to normal. So, till then, having a positive attitude in online relationship building is the key to a healthy long – term partnership.