How To Get The Perfect Dating Profile On Major Dating Sites?
October 30, 2020 Posted by: Admin

How To Get The Perfect Dating Profile On Major Dating Sites?

Online dating profiles can end your long quest for a warm caring partner. But don’t forget, you have got competitors there! A great profile is the key – it’s more like you are opening your heart out in search of love, and that’s definitely alright. 

With this comes the next question in line – how to write a solemn and sober dating profile? Well, the answer is here. Follow a few crucial tips to make your profile look attractive to the people online. 

Imagine your ideal partner is reading your profile now 

It may seem a distant thought at the beginning, but you do need to think that you for finding true love online. While creating your profile on a free dating app in India, there’s a lot more that you need to keep in mind besides a compelling photo. 

Try to imagine how someone who is looking for a real relationship will recognize you as their perfect match. Be warm with your tonality, be honest with your words, and write beyond a generic profile description. 

Give a snapshot of who you really are 

You must start your profile by describing the real version of you. Illustrate on detail the most prominent characteristic traits that you have. 

Are you funny, creative, high-spirited, affectionate, loyal, intellectual, curious, or anything else? – choose such three to four adjectives that go best with your personality. Also be sure to mention what you care about the most, your guilty pleasures, and your highest emotional rock bottom in the free dating app & chat site in India.  

Lastly, don’t dare to downplay and hedge your desire to be in a committed relationship. If you are in search of a real love and want to be in a lifelong partnership with the person, just say so!

Choose your words wisely – it’s not a resume!

Being honest doesn’t mean you will go all formal. Keep in mind that you are looking for a partner, and not a job vacancy. Try to sound more human while emphasizing your characteristics and specifying the character you want to meet. 

For example, rather than mentioning “the person must have a fit body”, you must mention that you value ‘health and fitness’. The former indicates you want an outcome, i.e. fit body, while the latter points to someone who has an active way of living their life and conscious about their wellness. 

Remember, writing that perfect profile in a free dating app in India is one of the trickiest thing you ever did. Here, words are everything since neither of you can see each other in person. If someone reads your profile till the end, means they are intrigued by you to some extent. Then you may set up a video date or anything more exciting. 

Show off or saying something in fluke are big NOs 

Whatever you say, make sure you are that person in real life. Don’t just try to build a dream character that you can’t pretend for long. It will only tear a good relationship from budding. 

At the time of creating the profile, you can mention your hobbies like travelling, listening to music, reading books, cooking, gardening or anything else. But don’t say just because you have to – there’s no ground rule at all. Mention what you like genuinely. 

For example, if you are into travelling, then say whether it’s hiking, biking, trekking, or family vacays that you enjoy the most. If it’s cooking, let the other person know whether you love Indian cuisines or continental. Similarly for music, say whether you are into rock, pop, or jazz. 

It’s a point where great conversations can begin! 

Don’t be snarky while writing, leave aside the negativity 

Your profile should not have statements like – ‘drama queens not entertained here’! That’s so disgusting. Your profile is where you should describe yourself, rather than mocking others. If your profile has adjectives like fun-loving, outspoken, straightforward, then these are automatic filters. You will get the right people whom you are looking for. 

Bitterness is not so sexy! Too much of pessimism in free dating app & chat site in India will make your profile look dark and negative. It’s more effective to focus on what you need, instead of what you don’t. 

Ready to roll with that PERFECT profile? 

The more amounts of thoughtfulness and care you put in your profile, the better matches you’ll get. That’s the trick to find love online. 

If you don’t have a profile yet, start creating one today with these tips in mind. And if you already have one, make the effort to clean your mistakes soon. You’ll then be surprised to see increasing number of matches. 

P.S. don’t forget to add a beautiful profile picture!