Dating tips for online enthusiasts for finding love during Corona Virus
April 29, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Dating tips for online enthusiasts for finding love during Corona Virus

Online dating is a popular way to find a date or meet someone special. One study said that, more than 40% of the people who found love last year, did so with the help of online sites. Over the last few weeks, Corona virus has completely changed the way we interact with each other and live our daily lives. Therefore, the remaining 60% people too are looking at the internet for finding love. In these tough times it is next to impossible to avoid getting stressed out by the latest news and the social media rumour, but if you are single and looking for a serious relationship the strange times you are in might have created the perfect atmosphere for finding a great relationship online. 

Why is online dating key to finding love during Corona virus? 

1.  There is no any secure place to meet someone for the next few months. People are working from home, restaurants and events are shutting down. The ordinary opportunities for people to meet and interact are gone. 

2.  The economy has already seen some negative effects of the virus. In these times of economic slowdown there is there is an increase in relationship seeking behaviour. People avoid being alone when they are uncertain of the future, instead during these times they look for strong partners who can help them during tough times. And during such times, they rely on free dating apps in India.

Dating profile tips

There is a serious increase in the instances of people adding Corona virus joke in their profile. Unfortunately, these jokes sound funny only 3-4 times people see them. If they are spending time on dating sites, there is chance they have already seen it a dozen times. As a result it is best to leave Corona virus out of your dating profile. Going out of your way to add Corona virus jokes to your profile may sound like you are trying to be funny. As a result you may look desperate. 

You should think of your profile as movie trailer. It’s not your life story or your resume. It’s a sketch of your life that has been designed to make people want to know more about your life.  The main difference, however, is that a movie trailer is designed to attract everyone while a good profile repels most of the people who read it. Most people are not a good match for you, your profile should look attractive only to those who are a good match to you. 

What should I write in my profile? 

Your dating profile for free dating apps and chat sites in India should not be very fancy, but it needs to give people an idea that who you are. When you talk about your interest or aspects of your personality then you need to give them context.  

Don’t just say that you like music, mention your favourite musician or the last concert you attended. 

If you like museums don’t just say that you like museums, mention any exhibit coming up that you like. 

If you want to say that you are adventurous, instead of including this word mention about the adventures you went out. 

We are in a rough and weird time for next few months. But things will come back to the normal naturally. And when that happens, bars will fill up, people will invite people to the parties, concerts, conventions and movies will happen again. Until then, there is no reason to be alone, there is dating site or app out there for everyone.