Common Deal Breakers In Every Relationship – How To Fix Them?
November 11, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Common Deal Breakers In Every Relationship – How To Fix Them?

Relationship is a process that you two walk together. Equal shares of affection, responsibility, contribution, and administration is essential to keep your relation healthy for lifetime. However, problems are also a significant part of any relationship – some have more, some less. Love gurus say that if there’s no issue, there’s no love.

Does your relationship is rolling through a coarse ground at the moment? Both of you may be experiencing some of the following problems. Get to know the fixes here. 

Common Issues That Can Spoil Any Relationship 

Falling out of a relationship is disheartening, but do you know what’s worse? That you two don’t even know where the problem was! 

To make sure nothing such happens in future, listing here the most common relationship problems and their fixes. 

Little time to spend together 

It is a problem in every couple who have met in a free dating app in India or outside. Basically, people come up with a conclusion that their partners are not giving them enough time. But the truth is daily priorities, stresses, and work pressures eat up the whole lot of time. As a result, you two don’t get to spend some time together. 

Solution: Such an issue occurs when one person or both the partners are too career-oriented. There’s nothing wrong in it, but keeping your relationship healthy is also important just like your career. If you two don’t get enough time together, why not plan a weekend trip twice in a month? Pre-plan and take leaves from your respective offices so that there’s hardly any chance of cancellation. 

No space for your own 

While some don’t get to spend quality time together, others are too clingy. That your partner is your best friend and you love doing everything together sound great but not good for a long-term relationship. Personal space is important – it’s like oxygen to any relation.

Solution: First, understand it’s a big problem and then speak it out. Allocate time for yourself when you can do the soul searching. While doing everything together, you may have forgotten what you love doing the most alone. It can be painting, dancing, singing, reading, wandering, trekking, or anything else. Give out at least 2 to 3 hours alone-time for your passion. 

Arguments on same issues repeatedly 

Some couples fight a lot irrespective of whether they met in a free dating app & chat site in India or college or neighborhood. Reliving the same conflicts again and again may compel you to fall out of love. It’s time to stop and resolve the matter from the root. 

Solution: Too much of fighting is now how healthy relations look. Remember the bottom line of any relationship is to stay happily ever after. That happens when you two slow down a bit, become more patient, feel confident about each other. It is always better to avoid a certain topic of argument until things cool off. 

You cannot relate to your partner’s issues and vice versa 

It is another common problem in several relationships. Such a problem is commonly found in couples who have met in a free dating app in India and have started their relationship without knowing each other well. 

Solution: You don’t have to be empathetic all the time, but at least you have to be a supportive and approachable partner. If your significant other is going through a mishap at the moment and you are behaving indifferently, that means your relationship is at stake. It’s foolish to reach the point of no return so soon. Instead, try to spend more time with your companion, discuss their problem, try to imagine the same thing happening in your life, and soon you will be able to relate to the problem. 

You two want different things in life 

Two people who met in a free dating app & chat site in India and are in love with each other don’t mean that they want to eat the same apple that life offers. May be one of you prefer mango! Don’t create an issue out of it. The best solution is to sit and speak rather than giving up. 

Solution: It may happen that you want to travel abroad and your wants to stay in their birth place or maybe you want kids and they don’t. It is very normal to have different futures but there’s no need to end the relationship for that. Long-distance relationships are absolutely cool if you two are loyal to each other. In case you have different thoughts about kids, talk to each other and check whether you can resolve the matter by conceiving some years later. The whole and sole point should be floating in the same boat. 

Be That Happy Couple Everyone Adore 

You can be that happy couple too if you can resolve your problems soon. Above you have learnt about five of the most common issues a relationship can face. And there are different solutions for each problem. But do you know the bottom line? Communication! Speak with your partner and you two can definitely find a solution together.