5 Dating Safety Guidelines that could Save Your Life
April 13, 2020 Posted by: Admin

5 Dating Safety Guidelines that could Save Your Life

Being safe is smart, no matter how fake social profiles remain a problem while the internet has provided incredible opportunities to connect with others around the world. So while meeting online friends through a free dating app in India how can you stay safe?

Here are a few tips on how you can keep yourself safe – no matter where you are online.

Do Your Research:

There are tools to help you figure out the truth if you suspect that the person you are chatting with may not be who they say they are. Google search can be a good place to start. Check out their social media when chatting with someone online. Make sure that the person’s profile picture is the same photos that they are used on their profile. Make sure that they have a handful of friends or friends. Make sure that people do like or comment on their photos. If all these are positive then it might be an indication that you should start the online relationship through free dating app and chat site in India. Don’t be scared to Google someone you have just encountered online. 

Meet Up in Group Setting:

Having a group hangout takes the stress off any kind of individual connections.

Select a Public Space:

You think we know the person. But, it’s not always true. If you have never met the person don’t go somewhere that is quite isolated or meet someone at your house. Don’t be too trusting. Do basic backgrounds check.

Plan Your Perfect Meeting:

Set up a meeting plan once you have done in finding out who the person is. Don’t just select one well-lit public site to encounter at. Select more than a few. You may leave your initial spot and go somewhere else if it’s a date through a free dating app in India. Knowing some other safe backup places can help. Set up your smartphone to share your location with your family or friends before you head out. You are not going to bring two friends on your first date with someone you come across online. Carry little cash if you are going on a date, in case if someone tries to steal from you.     

Have a Departure Plan:

Don’t get in a personal vehicle with someone you don’t know. So, you can physically get away from someone fast if things go south. You should also set up a safe zone that your family or friends can meet you at nearby, if possible. There is no reason that your friends can’t be having coffee at the CCD across the street as it is not possible to take your friends out on your date. Send them a text message if you need an out.   

Final Takeaway:

Meeting people online is a common occurrence though it can be dangerous. It is not much different from driving a bike. We all admit that there is a danger that something could go off beam, but that does not stop us from trying.