Are you still single? Here everyone’s dating! Oho!!! You have not found the right match yet but your heart is full of love. It’s finally time to let you guys ready for dating your kinda person. You will find a friend, a real friend whom you can talk about anything. The kind of friend who always has your back, the kind of friend who is biased to be on your side, the kind who only offers you only fair deals, the kind of friend who values your opinion and gives you the best advice he can.

Love is and should be beautiful, fun, rewarding, and fulfilling, it is also a lot of hard work and only those truly committed to it can make it work. Unless we are willing to be attentive to our partner’s needs, selfless in our actions towards them, committed to our relationships.  Love involves a process of two people working together towards a common goal and always putting the other person first. Don’t get into a relationship because you’re bored or lonely, have a genuine reason, aim, and goals, it’s not bad if you are not ready for the commitment but, don’t pretend that you do.  Don’t play with someone’s heart and emotions because of your past experiences and selfish interests. It’s cruel and wicked. 

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